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Hena Inc.
660 Berriman Street
Brooklyn, NY 11208

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Hena History

The Hena family began roasting coffee under the name Harold H. Wolfe in 1923 and 86 years later is still going strong. In 1969, Hena was formed to focus on the Specialty Food Trade as well as upscale restaurant and food service suppliers. Progressing through the years under the watchful eyes of Leonard Tauber, Martin W. Wolfe and Harold Goldner, Hena refined the roasting process using various state of the art roasters to assure quality and consistency on every level. Currently, under the auspicious of third generation owners Lanny and Scott Tauber, Hena has moved forward to supply the finest specialty coffees and related accessories available anywhere in the world.

The Brooklyn Coffeehouse Brand is an extension of this commitment to quality. Our roots have always been in Brooklyn and our coffee is a tribute to the "old time" quality we all used to take for granted. Our passion is not only to provide the finest cup of coffee, but to relish that experience on an everyday level. We look forward to sharing our coffee and our story with you.

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