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Hena Inc.
660 Berriman Street
Brooklyn, NY 11208

Real Brooklyn


Welcome to Brooklyn Coffeehouse

A fine product from Hena, purveyors of coffees and teas in Brooklyn since 1923.

We hope you enjoy our Brooklyn Coffeehouse as it represents not only the finest cup of coffee available, but a true American Experience.
  Since the Dutch settled Breukelen in 1646, this culturally diverse borough of New York City embodies everything America is and aspires to be. As the door to the "New World," we are the birthplace of hard working people, who share a common desire to be the best - in what we do, what we eat, and what we drink. From the “Bay” to Park Slope to Downtown, Brooklynites have always shared a passion for a cup of coffee as bold and compelling as its history. We have taken that passion and love to develop a coffee that is the benchmark for "Real Brooklyn." Drinking Brooklyn Coffeehouse will surely conjure up the iconic symbols of our strong and determined community, such as Coney Island, Brooklyn Bridge and Ebbets Field.

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